Clothes Pegs

These fantastic clothes pegs will hold all your laundry on the line or drying rack without damage and with reduced peg marks!  They have a unique non-slip pad to hang your delicate items and are UV treated.
With gorgeous colours to choose from, these pegs are a fabulous addition to any laundry.
They come in bags of 20, of either mixed or single colours.

These are ideal for people who have arthritis or poor hand movements as the peg has a wide surface area to ensure an easy grip. 

Children enjoy the bright colours and can often be persuaded to help hang out the washing!

Maxi Pegs

A larger Soft Grip peg with a non-slip pad to prevent peg marks. UV coated and ideal to hang out blankets, pillows and duvets

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Clothes Pegs - Soft Grip Peg

This "top of the line" peg will hold all of those precious clothes on the line without damage. It has a unique non-slip pad to hang those delicate items and is UV treated. With several colours to choose from these pegs are a fabulous addition...

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Clothes Pegs - Flower Peg

This is an ultra-strong peg which has our non-slip pad to protect clothes while holding them securely on the line. It is a cute design with a flower on the base and has multi-uses, including hanging children's art, as a large paper clip and has even ended up in pantries, sealing food packets.

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Clothes Pegs - Jumbo Peg - Mixed Bag

This is an everyday peg for general use. A functional design with a large grip for children or the elderly and has many more uses than hanging clothes, such as hanging children's art.

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