Welcome to Herisson Homeware, formerly LEAPING FROGS, owned and operated in New Zealand. We have re-branded but offer the same fabulous range of french imported products including: soft grip clothes pegs, flower pegs, peg baskets, non-slip coat hangers, buckets, bowls and more...

Our aim is to continually offer our customers innovative products with an emphasis on quality, value and of course being French, style!



Our Products

Soft Grip Pegs

Maxi Grip Pegs

Flower Pegs

Jumbo Pegs

Original Peg Baskets

Contemporary Peg Baskets

Non-slip Hangers

Skirt/Trouser Hangers

Luxury Wooden hangers

Multi-purpose Bowls

Multi-purpose Buckets


Both design and manufacturing methods conform to the highest standards, securing extended use and outstanding durability.
Take it from those who already use our products, that's almost two million clothes pegs alone in Australasia!
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